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Vermont Gov. vows to pass assisted suicide in 2013

Charlie Butts   ( Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has vowed passage of a bill legalizing doctor-assisted suicide in 2013, but opponents are ready for the challenge.

Shumlin ran for office partly on the promise of legalizing physician-assisted suicide but failed to gain approval in the legislature. Mary Hahn Beerworth of Vermont Right to Life tells OneNewsNow that Shumlin has motivation to work for the passage of physician-assisted suicide.


"There's a lot of money passed out like candy here at election time from the pro-doctor-prescribed suicide folks -- so he's absolutely going to make them happy and get them their Christmas wish list, and he put that up there along with legalizing marijuana and drivers licenses for illegal immigrants," she explains.

The vote is expected to be close if the suicide bill makes it to the Senate floor. She says the legislature swings far to the left at this point.

"They understand the risks, but their love of the word 'choice' seems to supersede the risk that someone might die who did not really want to die but felt pressured into asking for the lethal dose," she says. "That seems to not resonate with those far left folks.

"There are, however, some legislators still in Vermont who have grave concerns about this bill."

But it will have hearings in both houses and people are getting a bit concerned.

"And I have to tell you people are leaving Vermont," Beerworth adds. "People want to raise their kids in a different atmosphere. Family folks, doctors, nurses, they're leaving."

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