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Calif. 'bullying' bills being advanced

Becky Yeh - California correspondent   ( Tuesday, June 14, 2011
In California, a Christian activist says two supposed "anti-bullying" initiatives already passed by the State Assembly could end up being used against Christians.

"Seth's Law" -- a piece of legislation named for a homosexual teenager who committed suicide after being harassed -- now heads to the State Senate. A.B. 9 would mandate public schools to implement systems that would track incidents of bullying and discourage students from harassing other students. The California Assembly passed the measure 44-17. Dran Reese, founder and director of Salt & Light Council, anticipates "a floodgate of minority causes" will follow enactment of Seth's Law. Dran Reese (director, The Salt & Light Council)"...And it's just never going to end," she says, "because you're going to have the blind maybe, [perhaps] the deaf, who are going to step up and want specific laws to give extra punishment for their specific causes and their specific levels of abuse." The Assembly also approved A.B. 620, another bill aimed at tackling the issue of bullying. The Sacramento Bee reports that A.B. 620 would appoint an individual on every public college and university in the state who would be in charge of monitoring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. The person would also be responsible for creating bullying and harassment policies. "Now I believe the tide has changed and Christians are the ones being bullied and persecuted simply because we hold an ideal that God's standards are what we must strive for to attain for our lives and families," offers Reese. "These ideal standards to strive for require self-control and integrity." Reese affirms that all types of bullying, including the persecution of Christians, must be dealt with equally.

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